LED Lights probably the most exciting lighting innovation since the invention of the light bulb!
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The Christmas LED Lights web site is brought to you by Christmas Direct, as a way to introduce you to the revolutionary new Christmas and Fairy Light products that are available on the market today. L.E.D.s are the future of lighting - with their extremely low power consumption they are very environmentally-friendly, and they are also far more robust and long-lasting than conventional bulbs.
You should have to look no further - find out which LED Christmas or fairy lights you want, then go ahead and order right away! Click here to go straight to the LED section of Xmasdirect. Next-day delivery available on most items.
In addition to a great range of 'string' lights (equivalent to the classic Christmas fairy lights), there are also curtain (drape) lights, icicle lights, and various extensions etc.
Also, we can supply multi-coloured LED bulbs on the same string (rarely available elsewhere) and our own inter-connectable system allows you to join the string lights and curtain lights together (both along and down) giving you amazing flexibility when creating larger displays.
LED, which stands for Light Emitting Diode, is a wholly different approach to lighting! LED Lights are the perfect contemporary lights for Christmas.
Led lights produce far more light than normal bulbs, and therefore require less electricity to power, making them an equally attractive proposition for mains or battery power. Also the LED light emits the colour it is designed for, without using colour filters, which makes them more efficient. Due the packaging of each bulb the light is far more focussed than a normal bulb can achieve, and they can be used in multi-function use (flashing, twinkling) without downgrading their performance as they light up very quickly. The lifespan of LED is exceptional, with some manufacturers quoting between 100,000 to 1,000,000 hours depending - that is the equivalent of lights being left on constantly for 11 to 114 years!! (the average light bulb lasts for approximately 1000 2000 hours). The Christmas LED Lights site has been set up to help you find out more about LED lights and help you create the perfect display for this Christmas and many more to come.
LED drape lights

Inter-connectable light system

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